Massage Chairs: Getting The Most Value For Your Money

massage-chair-overviewAs more and more people are leading a hectic lifestyle in modern society, they are also becoming increasingly aware of the therapeutic benefits of the massage for the unwinding and relaxation. In addition to that, most of them are also aware of the health benefits of the massage. With the continuous research and development in health care products, the massage chair has become one of the popular products in the market for the people who don’t want to waste time, money and efforts to visit a massage salon but would like relieve pain and stress after working all day or doing renovations.

If you are looking for the best massage chair brands, then you need to sort through a lot of garbage to get to the real gold nuggets. There are many manufacturers who are happy to take your money and simply run. The key to getting a massage chair is sticking with the companies with the best reputation.

There are many importers of cheap massage chairs built from low-quality components. Although they are low in price initially, you’ll end up pain in the long run. We have heard many horror stories of people spending thousands of dollars only to end up with a worthless boat anchor at the end. We, therefore, caution you to stick with the top brands such as Panasonic, Omega or Sanyo. These manufacturers have been around for years and have reliable massage chairs with comprehensive warranty coverage.

compare-massage-chairsAlthough, it may be tempting to go for a low price massage chair with millions of features, use extreme caution. Be careful, as many of these chairs are imported once and sold off with the retailer’s disappearing quickly. When you call for service, you will most likely find that number has been disconnected.

The top brands such as Sanyo, Omega and Panasonic have many retail outlets. This separates the real manufacturers from those who are looking to make a quick buck. If a manufacturer has retailer, then they are highly qualified and will be they are in the long run to support any warranty coverage, if needed.

So what is the best massage chair for your money? Let us take a quick look at the top models from the past three manufacturers. These manufacturers are Sanyo, Omega and Panasonic.

The high-end luxury model from Sanyo is the DR 7700. This massage chair has some advanced features such as the stiffness detection sensor, the body shape sensor, and the GK roller system. Although the body shape sensor and the stiffness detection sensor are advanced technology, we find the most important feature is the GK roller system.

The GK roller system can massage over the tops of your shoulders. This is particularly effective for relieving stiffness in your shoulders and neck area. The Sanyo massage chair comes with good warranty coverage and has many other features making it a good candidate.

Another one of the best massage chairs is the Omega montage premier. This is the high-end luxury model which perhaps has a complete therapeutic set of features available today. There are some effective automatic massage programs and many variations of manual massages to choose from.

The massage therapy of the montage premier is invigorating and very useful. We also liked the lower body stretching, the heat therapy and also the incorporation of an MP3 music player with headphones. The Omega montage premier massage chair is a complete chair on the market.