Everything You Need and Want To Know About Roof Shingles

asphalt-roofing-shinglesDecorating the roof with roof shingles is not a new concept. The roof shingles can be made only on slanting roofs and not on flat roofs. So what is a roof shingle? It means a covering for the roof made of the same material placed in such a manner that it overlaps each other. This kind of structure is built to protect the roof from rain, snow, and hail and increase its durability and longevity. This served a double purpose as it not only safeguarded the roof but also increased the beauty of the roof and gave an attractive overall appeal to the whole house or building. The importance of the shingles has been realized in the modern days, and people are again opting for the roof shingles.

Materials Used in Roof Shingles
Roofing shingles are made of various materials. These tiles are rectangular in shape and placed in such a way that they create a double layer as they are set in an overlapping manner. The most commonly used material is asphalt. This is made of fiberglass added with other documents. In the olden days, these shingles were made of ceramic, wood, asbestos and various other materials. But in the modern days, the materials have changed to reduce the effect of fire and other hazards caused by the traditional materials. Metal is also used to construct roof shingles. Though ceramic is used it is not preferred as ceramic is heavy and the roof has to be enough strong to bear the weight. Asphalt roof shingle is mostly preferred as it is available in a variety of colors and is cheaper than other shingle material.

shinglesPrecautions to be Taken While Installing Roof Shingles
It is paramount to keep few important things in mind while installing the roof shingles. Before installing the new shingle, the old layer of shingles should be removed. If the second layer is intact, then that can be retained which will reduce the cost of installation. The installation should be done in dry weather so that the interior is not damaged and water does not collect in the gaps and create leakage. The nails used to join the tiles should be the first nails used for entering shingles else they will corrugate easily and loosen the tiles. No gap should be left between two tiles as it will increase the risk of corrugation and leakage. The Proper drainage system should be done so that water does not collect in between the gaps. Two nails should be used in each shingle. Take care not to use roofing paper under the shingles. Though the work is easy, do not take the risk of doing it yourself if you do not have any idea about the work. It is wiser to seek the help of roofing contractors to get the best effect. Take care of the maintenance and enjoy the beauty of the house.