Top Reasons To Buy A Snow Blower This Holiday Season

battery-operated-snow-blowing-machineYou have probably heard of an electric snow blower. But it looks so small and fragile. Is it a worthwhile investment? If you are unsure of whether you should get an electric or a gas snow blower, than you have to the right place because this article will tell you who would benefit from one which is battery powered.

1. You do not get a lot of snow each year
If you live in a country that does not get a lot of snow each year, probably around 6 to 10 inches for each snowfall, then you can consider using a battery operated snow blower. Otherwise, the heavy duty gas-operated one will suit you better for removing snow from your driveway.

2. You need something light
This machine is ideal for someone who has back problem because you are not able to carry heavy items around. Or that an elderly person will be handling it mostly. You can then get the smaller and lighter one to do the job. It might take longer to get the job done but at least it is light and easy to handle.

snow-blower3. You do not have very young children in the house
This is a point to keep in mind because very young kids tend to be active and being powered by electricity, this snow blower uses a 6 to 12 amp cord so you have to be careful with the cord lying around. You will not have any problem maneuvering it but ensure that it is only operated by adults because of the possible safety hazard.

4. You do not have much storage space
If you live in a very small apartment and space is a constraint, then you may want to consider this machine as it is very much smaller than the gas operated blower.

5. You do not mind the single-stage units
Since this device has only one auger that is used for both throwing and scooping snow, it has a single-stage unit. The auger consists of a spindle that has two or even more blades or paddles that are able to span the width of the blower. You will find snow flying up and out of the chute when you operate the machine.

Ultimately, what you choose depends largely on where you live. You can just get an electric snow blower for a small scale job that only requires the device to throw snow to around 30 feet away. Since it is just as durable as a gas-operated snow blower, you will usually get a 2-year warranty with the purchase. On the other hand, you should get something that is more heavy duty, like a gas-operated snow blower, if you tend to have a lot of snow to throw and if your driveway is made of asphalt.